My Family

My Family

Monday, July 23, 2012

So much fun!

So, we are adjusting to our new life. And we haven't looked back yet! We found a Hidden Valley Farm that we could pick blueberries from. We had a ball. I made pancakes and pastries with the blueberries. Jeanne didn't like the pancakes because they were "dirty." Hahaha the mind of a two year old!

We have found several places to fish. First was at Lake Maumelle. Since this lake is a drinking water source, we had to find a small cove to fish out of. Jeanne loved playing with her fishing pole. And her bait. We didn't have much luck this time. Shawn has gone trout fishing out of Greers Ferry and done well. This past weekend we found a nice swimming and fishing hole at Lake Sylvia. I caught a catfish. Shawn had a couple of bites, but the fish were sneaky enough to take the bait!

We have also found the zoo. It was pretty big and took several hours to get around it. They even had a great penguin exhibit! Jeanne really enjoyed seeing the animals and making animal sounds back at them. There are so many things still waiting for us to find!