My Family

My Family

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

With all the brouhaha going on today, all the girls gushing over gifts from their guys, flowers, candy, dates, etc, I sit here and smile. My husband is not one of those poor fellows struggling to decide how to impress his girl, how to surprise her, how to surpass last year, how to beat the crowd to the last bouquet of flowers because he waited until the last minute…


Years ago, maybe. But now that I am married, older, maybe wiser, I think that I would be more offended to receive flowers on Valentine’s day just because everyone else is doing it. I would rather him show me love every day. Or get me a token on any given Wednesday just because. Though, I don’t need a token, card, flower, candy to prove his love for me.  They are nice things and appreciated surprises when they happen throughout the year.


I don’t see why women insist their guy give them something on this day. Like it is owed to them. Why should you receive something on one specific day? How about a small gift after you tell your husband you are carrying his child, or better yet, after you deliver that child. Or maybe something when your first child starts school. Or other accomplishments. Or how about just because it is any given day that your guy wants to remind you he is totally, completely in love with you. Why do we celebrate one day a year to parade our love around in a show-off way?


No, this is not coming from a woman scorned or sore because I didn’t receive anything. My husband did give me a bouquet of dark chocolate bars. Even though I definitely appreciate them, and appreciate the gesture, I told him he didn’t have to do it. Then he laughed and said “That’s why I gave them to you on Wednesday (Feb 11).” Smart man.


We don’t really know much about the saint we are supposed to be celebrating on Valentine’s day. Not much is known about Saint Valentine. There are two historical stories that are similar, but different, about this Saint. One is said that he was imprisoned for helping and marrying Christian couples when it was a crime. So I can comprehend the connection of the celebration of love with Saint Valentine. I don’t know. I am just over the big balloons, stuffed animals, over-priced flowers. I will be stopping by the store to pick up some chocolate because I am a girl who likes chocolate. It is good for the soul.