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My Family

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Exodus 17

Good morning eveyone. 

S: Exodus 17:7 The place was called Massah and American, because the Israelites quarreled ther and testd the Lord saying, "Is the Lord in our midst or not?" 

The Israelites would quarrel whenever something was wrong,but again they themselves didn't stop to pray to God. I agree with the post from yesterday that maybe if they had, instead of testing God, they may have received more than manna. And maybe in this chapter, they would have had more than a rock release water. 

It seems no matter how many signs God gives them the Israelites will turn their heart when something isn't going their way. They say that God will let them die, they should have just stayed slaves, instead of trusting in the fact that God will lead them to the land promised. 

People today can be just as fickle as the Israelites, and their hearts easily turned from God. They need visible proof to know God is there. But even then, as soon as something goes wrong, they blame God. 

Lord, I pray that you keep our hearts strong and turned to you even in the face of evil. Help us not to waiver in our beliefs, and allow us to show others your love. Amen. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Exodus 16

Exodus 16:28 Then the Lord said to Moses, "How long will you reuse to keep my commandments and laws? Take note! The Lord has given you the sabbath. That is why on the sixth day he gives you food for two days. On the seventh day everyone is to stay home and no one is to go out."

God has given the people of Israel a test, to see if they listen to his instructions. Here it is to rest and keep the sabbath, which is one of our commandments. 

At the bottom of my pages in my bible, I have some footnotes. For this chapter, one foot or reads: "On the fifteenth day of the second month: just one full month after their departure from Egypt. They encamped in the desert of Sin on a Friday; th murmuring occurred on the sabbath, th arrival of quail th evening before Sunday, followed by six mornings of collecting manna before he next sabbath."

It is interesting the desert's name is Sin. Also, the description of the timeline has me to understand the sabbath as being Saturday at this point. Does your church consider the sabbath as being Saturday our Sunday today?

Here is what I found on the matter. Interesting. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Exodus 15

S: Exodus 15:22 ...After traveling for three days through the dessert without finding water, they arrived at Marah, where they could not drink the water, because it was too bittter.

O: this is the first bump in the road the Isreailtes come upon after crossing the Red Ses. And at first sign of trouble, the grumbling begins. Later it reads that the Lord tells them if they listen to the voice of God, and heed the commandments, He would not afflict them with the diseases he did the Eqyptians. For the Lord is their healer.

A: Is it human nature that at the first sign of trouble, everyone rebels against the leader? Maybe if the people had prayed directly to God, they would have had water earlier. Who knows. But when we come up against roadblocks in life, God wants us to call on him, to keep him at the forefront of our mind, to heed his commandments. 

K: Dear Lord, I pray that I look for you first when I come to a roadblock,instead of trying to set blame. You may have intentionally put the roadblock so I would seek you out. I pray I remember to look for you. Amen.

A song that came to mind as I was reading today's songs by the Israelites was Sing a New Song. It's a song we sing at church. Here is a YouTube video from someone's church

And here are the lyrics

The second verse sings how Yaweh's people dance for joy with glad tambourines. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Exodus 14

Exodus 14:13-14 But Moses answered the people, "Fear not! Stand your ground, and you will see th victory the Lord will win for you today. These Egyptians whom you see today you will never see again. The Lord himself will fight for you; you have only to keep still."

The Isrealites were afraid of dying in the desert once they saw the Eqyptians coming after them. They told Mosesthey would have rather stay slaves in Eqypt than die in the desert. 

Fear is a great evil. Because of fear, people can fall away from God without a second guess. Because we are afraid of a certain outcome, we may choose the wrong road. Fear may make us loose faith in God, or doubt God. Think of times as we ar growing up when we come to a crossroad. For instance, out of fear of not fitting in, you do what the cool kids want (drink, do drugs, etc). For fear of not fitting in with friends or at work, we allow ourselves to fall into the gossip zone. How about fear of starting over convinces you not to move to a new city or move on in general? It's not like you did something purposefully in God, but you chose not to trust him.

We need to stand firm in God and trust that he will help us fight our battles. He did not leave us here on earth alone. In each of those situations, the outcome would have been scary had we chose to stand our ground with God,  but we was end up better off because we chose God. Dady after day, no matter what we do, God continues to choose us. He continues to stand by us, ready to fight for us. We need to remember to chose him and stand our ground. 

dear God, thank you for helping me fight the daily battles against the evils here on earth. I pray you continue to help me stand strong against fear because it can so easily control me. Thank you for being the. Amen. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Exodus 13

S: Exodus 13:9, 16 It shall be as a sign on your hand and as a reminder on your forehead. 

O: God wants to Isrealites to remember that he brought them out of Egypt with a strong hand. It is mentioned twice about them having a sign on the hand a reminder or pendant on their forehead, so that they may always remembered God is with them. 

A: Different people wear different signs to remember things. Some people get permanent tattoos in rememberance of a loved one. Married couples wear a ring as a symbol and to remind them of their vows. Some people wear crucifix or medallion to remind them of God. Here, God is asking us to put his word on our forehead, at the front of our thought process, that we might keep from letting evil desires come into our mind. He wants us to always have his word at the forefront of our thoughts to help prevent us from sin. 

K: Lord, I pray to always keep you in my mind and on my hands to prevent my mind and hands from allowing desires into my mind and my hands to act on them. Help me keep you in my thoughts to prevent me from sin, Amen. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Exodus 12

Wow. Exodus chapter 12 has such a dark, ominous tone. God instructed every family to procure a lamb, to shed its blood, and not break any of its bones. These lambs were a "prophetic type of Christ, immolated to free men from the bondage of sin" according to the footnotes in my bible. 

There wasn't a single verse to SOAK on because the entire passage was so full of imagery to me. I have lays loved reading books that I could sink into and see myself in the scenery. This chapter did the same. I could see myself there, watching the hysteria of the Eqyptians waking up to find dead children, hearing their cries. I could see the Isrealites leaving th city with all their belongings. 

As far as the discussion question today, over the last year or so, whenever money was really tight and we were starting to worry, God provided. Something always happened and a check was in the mail. Whether it was a refund from overpaid medical bills, or an inheritance (from my father in law passed), the unexpected money was definitely a gift from God. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Exodus 11

Good morning! I must say it is so nice to be able to put a picture to a face now. Thank you all for sharing.

S: Exodus 11:5 Every first born in this land shall die. From the first born of Pharaoh on the throne to the first born of the slave girl at the handmill, as well as all th first born of the animals. 

O: There are no more warnings for Egypt. God means business now, and will show his great opener by taking the lives of all the first born children of Egypt. In Genesis, God asked Abraham to sacrifice his own first born Issac to show God his love. Later on, God sacrifices his son Jesus to show us how much he loves us. But here, this is no sacrifice. God is punishing the Egyptians to show them he is ruler and to show his people his true might. Of course as we continue to read in a few chapters, they easily forget...

A: just like the Israelites, we easily forget God's abilities and power. We did not get to see them first hand like they did, but we know what he can do and we still choose to ignore or "forget" until we need something. 

K: God, help me keep you at the forefront of my life, that everything I do is for you and not me. Help me not to easily forget. Amen.

Discussion: this may sound cheesy, but I can see God pursing me daily through my kids. I see their eyes watching me, learning, copying what I do. These are gentle reminders that I need to focus my life on God and show my children how I follow God, so that they can too. The copycat children reminders strike me well when they repeat a not so nice thing I have said, give the same mean look, or put their hands on their hips. God has a funny way of showing us parents that we need to stop rushing and focus on our children before they are too old to want to be focused on.