My Family

My Family

Sunday, May 20, 2012


So we are counting down until we move!! We move on June 4th, 15 days from now!!! Shawn and I are getting so excited about the new house and new start. We are NOT excited about the actual move. It is one thing moving a few streets or even towns over. Moving almost 4 hours, and to a new start is not so fun.

Shawn has been doing a great job of going through the house and purging/packing over the last two weeks. I did a bit of the same yesterday. Our kitchen is getting filled with boxes, but there is still so much left. This upcoming weekend is Shawn's graduation, then the next week he and I will get the rest of the packing done.

As much as I dread the actual packing, move, and unpacking, I look forward to the new house and getting to decorate MY house! It won't all be done at once. We will have weekends down the road to get little things done.

I have been preparing for my new job as well by reading SOP's and quality manuals to get ahead of the game. As I read the manuals, I go through books and internet searches to better understand the background and reasons for the tests I will be performing. I am looking forward to getting to know my new coworkers and getting in the swing of things at the lab.

15 days and counting!!

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