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My Family

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

disinterest of Food

So lately, Jeanne has had a disinterst in food. At 18 months, her pediatrician was worried because Jeanne had gone from the 25th %ile to the 10th %ile to the 5th %ile in a few months. She was gaining weight, but not at a fast rate. I tried to explain that I was also that small at that age, and Jeanne didn't sit for long. She was always on the move: running, hopping, skipping, dancing, etc. Still, the pediatrician wanted us to add Pediasure to her diet to make sure she was getting more calories in her diet. (It is weird to use the term "diet" in association with a toddler.)

PediaSure Nutritional Drink With Fiber, Vanilla, 6ctSo we gave her a pediasure every day for a few weeks. I checked her weight and it had gone up, so I backed off the pediasure. I want to make sure she was eating food and not just depending on the pediasure. She did well for a while, eating everything we fixed. Then right before she hit 2, she starting getting picky. I wasn't too concerned about her not eating all the time. I figured she would eat when she got hungry. And she did!

Well, Shawn took her for her two year old appointment. She was back up to the 10th %ile. I was thrilled. Obviously, she was eating more. The doctor (not her normal pediatrician) said that it was good, but we needed to continue to give her more fatty foods. He actually told my husband that we need to giver her ice cream and add more butter to her vegetables. :-/ I am all for getting her to eat more, but I would rather do it the right way instead of adding fats and sugars to her diet. Plus I don't want to get to the point of her trying to refuse dinner just to eat ice cream. Or my husband giving her ice cream when she refuses dinner, and she get in that habit.

I hate the little feeling inside of "Am I doing the right thing?" when it comes to this. I know it is a feeling that will be with me forever. I feel like I am. She is happy, energetic, and is gaining weight. Why should I offer sweets just to get her to eat? And who is this growth chart based off of anyway???

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