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My Family

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Parenting is hard

Let me start by saying no, no one ever said it would be easy. But with all the opinions out there, the sideways glances, and don't let me forget the "I did a much better job" looks people throw around, I can see why some people choose not to have kids!

On Christmas Eve, I hauled my two little ones to Mass as Shawn prepared dinner at home. After Mass, some guys walked past me saying, "That baby is freezing."
I replied, "I am trying to hurry," but in my mind I was thinking, "Jerk! Here I am with two kids, struggling to keep them warm while it's 20 degrees outside as we walk across the lot in the dark. Here you are judging me. Thanks for offering to help!"
Not that I would have taken it. He was a stranger. But what happened to chivalry?

Here is my beautiful baby boy napping. He looks like an angel, but all I can think is "Should I take his pacifier out since he is sleeping. Don't want him to get spoiled." As if!! Babies can't be spoiled. At least not at this age. But don't tell the older generation that! They insist you take the pacifier away, let the baby cry, don't hold it so much, etc, because you will spoil baby otherwise. 

Don't even get me started on sleeping arrangements and when/if to let baby go back to sleep on his own. No, H is not in the bed with us, but he is in a sleeper next to my bed. Jeanne was the same as a baby. I moved Jeanne to her room at 3 months. Then for three more months, I stumbled in there every time I heard her cry or to nurse her. At 6 months her pediatrician insisted I stopped nursing in the middle of the night because Jeanne was old enough. So I did. I am not ready to put Hunter in his crib yet even though he is 3 months. He and Jeanne will share a room. It will be hard enough calming him in the middle of the night, much less trying to get Jeanne back to sleep if he wakes. Plus, he has only napped in his crib a time or two. He doesn't sleep very long on his back. He sleeps better on his stomach. The thought of him being in there on his stomach will not help me sleep, so I'd rather keep him in my room a little longer, or until he sleeps for longer periods of time! 

The previous generation thinks baby should be in their own bed from day one. But they don't realize that their grandparents probably co-slept with their parents because that is all the space they had. Why are they in such a rush to let go of the baby stage??

The people who are the worst about opinions are other moms! They alone could make you feel like you are doing a terrible job and make you wonder if you are cut out for raising kids to begin with! I have learned to tune out others' opinions, but I am sure this is hard for a new mom. Breast vs. formula is the hardest argument. I personally promote breastfeeding if at all possible. But as long as you are feedin your baby, and your baby is happy, it doesn't matter!

Ok. Rant over.

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  1. Who is this older generation? I would have thought you ment my mom's generation but she is the one who had me in a crib till I was 5 in her room and then I moved to sleeping with her 7 and 7. Gues she didn't listen to anyone's opinions. I don't think I'll be listening to them either. Mommies usually know best when they don't listen to specialist and just follow their gut.