My Family

My Family

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Growing up

So my husband is off his 'vacation' from school and has to go in at 8 in the morning. So last week he brought Jeanne to school in the mornings a little earlier than usual. Her teacher doesn't get there until 7:30, so if the kids are dropped off before then, they go into a different room with another teacher. Jeanne did not like this at first at all. She would cling to his (or mine when I had to bring her) legs and cry her heart out.

When I brought her this morning, before we even got to the door, she took off running towards the other teacher, threw her arms around the teachers legs and said "hi mama". I did not take offense to her statement because Jeanne uses that phrase as a term of endearment. She says it to my mom, sister, husband and next door neighbor. I was happy that I didn't have to hear her cry, being that it usually makes me tear up. But as I walked out, I realized I was a little sad inside. Sad because I realized I longed for her to need me. She is growing up and I am not ready!
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Ruffle Hem Bootcut JeanThen, she has on this cute pair of 18-24 month jeans that I got on sale (why do kids clothes cost more than $10 regular price amazes me). As she was walking around this morning, I realized the jeans had real pockets in the front and back and a real zipper. It's like she is a person. Yes I know she was always a person. But, to me she was and is still my baby. Not a big girl in big girl clothes. She needs to stop growing! But I am enjoying this stage as she can interact with me and my husband a lot more!

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