My Family

My Family

Friday, February 3, 2012


So apparently the new craze is this website called Pinterest. When I first saw people posting of what they "pinned", I was determined NOT to check out the site. Why post up pins of what other people do on a board? Then this past weekend, I visited with my cousin in Birmingham (we were checking out the area for possible residency). She had recently gotten into Pinterest and explained to me how it worked. Now I am 'addicted'.

Unlike other people, I am not posting things that I dream I had. I am posting things that I will try to make and will have. I have found several outfits that are totally my style, and I will begin hunting them down at Goodwill, Plato's and other consignment shops this weekend. I am determined to try all the recipes I pin. And I will print out all the crafts and do those as well. As for the home board, those pictures are what I am looking for when we look for a house. Great ideas for me later.

Yes you will find cute pictures of animals and such, but I have such a joyous heart, I had to share!
If you ever get bored, click the Pinterest button on the left to check out my page

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