My Family

My Family

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Crunch time

It's funny how in a month, all the things I have been worried about have fallen into place. I do believe that God took care of us, and I am so grateful! He wanted us in Little Rock, and has opened each door that we needed. Here is a summary of what I mean:
March 17- Match Day- We found out we were moving to Little Rock, and Shawn starts orientation June 19
March 31- Found a house in Little Rock that we are interested in
April 2- The sellers agreed to our proposal for the house
April 4- I have a job interview with at a place which is my dream)
April 13- House inspection goes perfect! And I found out not only did I get the job, but they are willing to let me wait and start June 11, a week after we move up!
April 19- Found a great daycare for Jeanne, and they have an opening!

Isn't it amazing how He works! So we have a house, I have a job, Jeanne has a daycare! Now I am working on the little things (house insurance, security system, finding new physicians, etc). I am going to be sad when I move from Shreveport and leave friends. But this is an exciting new adventure, a new chapter in our lives.

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