My Family

My Family

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Starting to see the light...

So, on Tuesday night, we sanded the compound and applied a light second coat to spots. I think we finished at 10:00 that night. On Wednesday we sprayed a texture on the walls. Finished about 9:30. I think it looks pretty good. On Thursday night, we were both exhausted and didn't do anything. So tonight we are gonna prime. If i can convince my child that it is bedtime... Stay tuned!

So we did prime that Friday night and Saturday. On Sunday, I bought the paint color and we painted when Jeanne went down for a nap. I bought a great little edger brush which knocked the time in half! Why I didn't buy this for the primer, I have no idea! So here is the finished color:
I like it. Now we are trying to decide about painting the handrails and baseboards to match the color of the countertop and the trim in the rest of the house. I think it will tie it all together, but that project is not on the front grounds! Lol

First, I am trying to decide how to put a curtain on our bay window in the kitchen. I have gotten several suggestions, and haven't tried playing with it yet. I still need to decide on a color/design curtain.
Here is the bay window. For those who read this, what do you think? Should I try to have a rod that follows the window itself? Or just one rod above the windows that is straight across?

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  1. I think I'd do a curtin that goes around the windows. If you put one across then space becomes an issue. Since I don't know how big your room is I don't know if that's a problem for you guys or not. Congrats on your kitchen being mostly done. You guys seem to have done a really great job.