My Family

My Family

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Planning for LeDoux #2.

So Shawn and I have decided that we are at a point where we are ready for baby #2. So, I am starting to track my cycle, temperature and all that fun stuff. :-) I don't know how long or short it will be. I would like to get in sync with myself before we get pregnant. But if it happens quickly, we will welcome another blessing!

I haven't told anyone, except my mom, that we are trying. I don't want the "So, when is the next baby coming?", "How long have you been trying?", "It is taking you long" and other unnecessary comments from people if we announce we are actively trying. I think this board is a great way to track (respectfully track) our progress with the pregnancy. And I know this is the place to let out frustration and hopefully get thoughts and prayers along the journey.

I joined a Bible study at Christ the King Catholic Church here in Little Rock. It is the Women of Grace Bible Study using DVD lessons taught by Johnnette Benkovic, who will be attending a day long Women's Retreat at the conclusion of the Bible Study. I am very excited about this, since it has been a LONG time since I participated in a Bible Study. And I think this one will fit me great for this part of my life with trying to get pregnant again.


  1. We haven't even started trying and everyone is on my butt about it. So when are you guys going to have a baby? Are you pregnant yet? bla bla bla. Don't feel pressured. Babies come when they want to come. I love NFP, Josh not to much. If you need any help on the NFP front I'm becoming pretty knowledgeable.

    1. That would be great because I have little knowledge on it! I have done a little research. Point me in the right direction!