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My Family

Monday, September 17, 2012

Bible study week 1

Yea so I completely lost track of time last week and didn't write about my first week of Women of Grace Bible Study. It was just an introduction meeting, but I think I have a great group of women. I was a little uncomfortable at first because the leader (who is the DRE of the church) told me that there is a Terra Firma group that is more for the young adults (most of the women there as of then were 50's+). I was hoping she wasn't asking me not to come. Then there were two other women in their early 30's who joined the class. So we will see what this class has to offer! I know we will be learning about our place in the Church as Catholic women. And we will be learning about several female saints.

I will do better about writing what we learned. It will help me to keep track.

On a different note, I am still charting along. Patience is hard. I know we probably didn't get it right this cycle, being my first off birth control. But it is still hard waiting. Waiting for either the 18th day of high temperatures or Aunt Flo. Patience is something I will be praying about in my Bible study!

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  1. My cycles are 45 days some times so the idea of counting the days of high temps doesn't work for me. (not to mention my idea of a high temp is something like 97.5) :/