My Family

My Family

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fun Times

First, I wanted to share some of my maternity photos that my great friend took. We met at War Memorial Park last Saturday morning. We got a bunch of poses and she did a great job for being an amateur.

While Shawn was away this weekend, we had some much needed Jeanne and Mommy time. I took her to get a haircut, and she cried the entire time. It was a bit overwhelming for me because I kept telling her she needed to calm down or she was going to get a time out. I could feel other parents staring at me. What did they want? Me to rip her out the chair and leave? She needs to overcome whatever fear she had. The lady only trimmed her hair. No biggie. Jeanne calmed down of course as soon as the lady was finished. Ugh. I wanted her to get her nails painted, but she lost out on that due to her crabbiness.

Next we went to the mall. I had planned previously on taking her to Build a Bear to make a new friend. She had recently found a special stuffed animal I bought for Hunter and decided it was hers. I let her play with it a few days, thinking she would get over it as she does all the other toys she has accumulated from family, but no. So I thought if she made her own animal that she got to pick out, it would help. She really enjoyed making it and loved her new friend. She did try to find Hunter's animal a few times, and I had to keep telling her she had her own friend and she could no longer play with Hunter's. I am hoping she will forget about the giraffe after a few days.

We ate lunch at Chick-Fil-A and I was planning on taking her to see a movie yesterday afternoon. Well, once we got home, I was exhausted. We did a lot of walking at the mall. Then, she didn't take a nap (meaning neither did I), so the movie was out. I took her grocery shopping (more exercise for me) and she enjoyed that just as much. She has only been to a movie theater once, so she really wasn't bummed about not going. We made homemade cinnamon rolls for dinner, and they were fantastic!!

We planned on going to a splash pad at the park this morning with one of her classmates, but she woke up with a cough. Shawn is on his way back now, and we are both looking forward to his return. Check out this shirt I got from and am so excited to wear! It will have to wait a few more months though. Get yours now! Oh and that is the infamous giraffe. Isn't he cute!!

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