My Family

My Family

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Black bean soup

My daughter cracks me up. I am amazed at what all she is learning and absorbing. She tells me after school each day, "Momma I played with my Berkley." Berkley is her class mate. We are dealing with temper tantrums. It is harder than I thought not to just give in. But husband and I are working on that. I am quite satisfied in how we are raising her. She is just a doll. 

She is potty trained for day time hours. She wears her "big girl panties" during the day, and hardly ever has an accident. We will shoot for wearing panties at night starting this weekend. Good thing she has extra sheets for her bed. 

Tonight I made this black bean soup. It was delicious! But I like bean soups already. Next time (and tips for you readers) I will only puree 2/3 of the pot to have some substance to the soup. Oh and of course I forgot to take a picture! 

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