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My Family

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Leviticus 13

This chapter was a bit hard to read only because I kept getting lost with all the "if,then" descriptions of the disease. It seems like there were a lot of rules about leprosy, mostly to protect the rest of the community from a contagious disease. The priests had to be extra careful about their examinations of the skin so as to not rule anything out. Even the clothing was quarantined! 

We have the same quarantine issues today, as we have seen recently with Ebola. Some people didn't heed the warning and it spread more than it should have. I have also heard they may be still having issues with the thought of it still being present longer in the system than first expected. Scary. 

Doctors are not God. But they do issue warnings to protect to community, like God did here. There are many soapboxes to be stood on for and against what doctors say. I'm not touching those issues. Just saying sometimes we should listen to them. They didn't get to where they are in the medical field by accident.

Lord, thank you for all the gifts you have bestowed on us. Thank you for the knowledge you have blessed people with. And thank you for the specialists you have granted extra knowledge with, so that they may help people in need. Amen. 

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