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My Family

Monday, May 18, 2015

Leviticus 21

Good morning ladies! I am sorry I was quiet last week. The training kept me busy. It was training to do audits of crime laboratories. I enjoy auditing based on operating requirements, so I very much enjoyed the class.
My due date is Thursday, though it is but an arbitrary date in my book. My first was 2 days late, my second was 5 days late. Little miss will get here when she is ready.

S: Leviticus 21:6 They shall be holy to their God, and shall not profane their God’s name, since they offer the oblations of the LORD, the food of their God; so they must be holy.

O/A: God was giving instructions for the priests and high priest to remain holy to Him. He did not want the priests to defile themselves by being near corpses.
 It struck me funny at first that the priests were not allowed to be by a corpse. But then I remembered this is the Old Testament and sins hadn't yet fully been forgiven by Jesus, so the souls hadn't gone to heaven. 
I'm not sure how mch direct contact priests have with the a corpse today. I know they can offer prayers for the sick, and are near the casket at funerals/grave sites. I'm guessing that because of Jesus's death for us, which allows us into heaven, priests can have some sort of presence near a dead person. I feel some digging needs to be done :)
K: Lord, I thank you for all the blessing you have bestowed upon me. Especially for you son, Jesus, who is our high priest. I strive daily to be holy for you, though I admit my struggles. Amen.

~Ada LeDoux~

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