My Family

My Family

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Being a mother

My husband and I have made plans to go to Baton Rouge this weekend to visit our very good friends. The husband was in medical school here last year, and is the parrain of our daughter. Shawn is the parrain of their daughter, who is 4 weeks younger than ours. We haven't seen them, except for Skype, since June. Since Shawn and I have off Monday, we thought it would be a great trip.

Well now there is a little tropical wave in the gulf. My mom has gone into full "mother mode" telling me not to bother making plans to go out anywhere because they are predicting 10-20 inches of rain. The meterologists in Baton Rouge are not that concerned, saying a 40% chance of rain, and call it an upper pressure system. Mom says to bring a sweater bc the high is going to be 88. And she even made the comment that J and K should have just come to visit us up here, since they will probably have to be running from the storm.

We grew up in south Louisiana. If you take I-49 to Lafayette, head south to the Vermilion Bay, then go back north about 10 miles, that's where we lives. We are all very familiar with hurricanes, being prepared, running from storms, and what aftermath looks like. We did lose our home with Hurricane Rita (NOT Katrina). My only assumption of why my mom is getting all frantic about us going visit with this possible tropical wave coming in, is that she is only doing what she knows best: trying to protect her children. I am sure one day, I will be doing the same thing with Jeanne.

Jeanne showing off her cool lunchbox

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  1. She's a bit paranoid. Mom and Dad left Here (Houston) to go There (little town) today. It was more to deal with grandpa I think. And Maybe the fact I've been ignoring them since they got here last week because of volunteering. It was a busy week.