My Family

My Family

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Camping trip

So we (husband, baby, and I) went camping at Lake Ouachita this past weekend. It was awesome! A cool 54 degrees when we arrived (it's been 108 here in Shreveport), slight drizzle didn't stop us from setting up our tent. Jeanne was excited to explore the outdoors. She touched every rock and stick she found, and licked trees. I kid you not. Here is Shawn bringing her back up the hill after she tried to get to the water
We enjoyed hot dogs and smores that night over a camp fire. I made the mistake of trying to lay down with Jeanne when it was her bedtime. She is used to being put to bed, in the dark, by herself. So she ran all around the tent, climbing all over the air mattresses, laying on top of my, patting my face, etc, until around 3am. Then she fell asleep.

The next morning, of course she was sleepy. But she was a good sport. We walked around, played near the lake (it was still too cold to get in), chased ants, and talked to all the other kids at the lake.We enjoyed bacon and eggs on the camp fire.


 That afternoon, we did go play in the water. Though slightly cool, Jeanne enjoyed splashing in the lake and bringing rocks from the bank into the water. She grew quite a rock garden while there:

That night, for bedtime, I put her in the tent, said "Night night," and zipped her in. She was asleep within 20 minutes. We did not want to leave camp. It was beautiful and open. We got back to Shreveport and it was 87 outside and I was sweating unloading our stuff from the car. I can't wait until we go back again!

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