My Family

My Family

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oversleeping after a long night

So yesterday was going well. Shawn had Jeanne playing outside while I finished dinner (after just coming in from work). I was putting laundry to dry and a box by the door to be recycled and saw that I accidentally locked the door. When I went to open it, I heard Jeanne screaming. I went outside to see what was going on. Shawn told me they were coming inside, and he was letting Jeanne walk up the stairs. Jeanne had stumbled, and our dog Clive was running passed her at the same time, causing her to loose her balance and fall backwards on the cement pavement. I could see Shawn was almost as shook up as Jeanne was, so I took Jeanne inside and rocked her as she drank some juice. Of course I was worried about her hitting her head, but she showed no signs of immediate danger.

After her juice, we had dinner, and then Jeanne watched a Baby Einstein dvd. There is this one puppet that scares her, and she cries each time. I thought it was a hippo, but I am not sure. But it scares her bad! She will see it, start crying, run up to me panting and hold my arm tight until the puppet is off the screen (note to self, fast forward through this clip!).

We put her down at 8 for bed, and she fell asleep fast. About 1:30 A.M., I heard her crying. I fixed her some milk and rocked her and put her back to bed. As soon as I got to my bed, I heard her crying again. So I fixed a little more milk, added some tylenol (thinking that she may have had a headache from hitting her head?) and rocked her some more. I was trying to decide if I should bring her back to my bed. Normally, even if she is falling asleep in my arms, by the time I get across the house to my bed, she is wide awake and wants to play. So I decided to take her to the living room to the recliner. I rocked until she was falling asleep. As soon as I put the foot part up to recline, she was bright eyed ready to play. *Sigh* It was 3:00 A.M. by this time, and I was rather sleepy. So I rocked her again, and then brought her back to her room. I had to rub her back a little to calm her (I don't think she wanted to go back to bed). She cried for another 15 minutes and then fell asleep.

When my alarm went off at 6 this morning, I was not ready to get up. "Just a few more minutes," I thought. Then I opened my eyes and saw it was 6:40!! Ugh. So I rushed to dress and get ready for work, got Shawn up, got Jeanne ready, threw some pancakes in the toaster, and drove to Starbucks for my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season. Ahhhh the joys of being a working mother.

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