My Family

My Family

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Emergency response

So this past weekend was my turn on the ER pager duty. What is ER you ask? In our work, we have a guy that covers emergency response incidents (chemical spills, well blow outs, etc). That is his job 24/7. To help him out, we rotate on weekends so he gets a break.

This past weekend, I was fixing to fall asleep at 9:30 Saturday night, when the phone rang. Someone called in an H2S leak in Zwolle, which is 2 hours from my house. Ugh. So I got up, got dressed, got to the office and found some better air monitoring equipment that I had in my vehicle. I called a coworker (we need a buddy system when air monitoring) and went pick him up. We left his house at 11:00 pm. Around 11:30, we got a call from the State Police Hazmat on site saying it was not H2S, but just a salt water leak. Phew! We were still needed, but at least it wasn't as bad. I told him we were already on our way. I realized shortly after, I had missed the exit to head to Mansfield, so we went on to Natchitoches. We stopped at a gas station, and at 12:30 am that Hazmat guy called saying the leak was contained and we could go home. Yay us. At least we didn't get all the way to Zwolle to hear this. I arrived back home at 2 am.

I was determined to sleep in that day. So when Jeanne woke up at 7:15, I made Shawn go tend to her. But of course, the mommy in me wouldn't go back to sleep. I got  up at 7:45 and showered. Shawn and Jeanne came in shortly after with Jeanne pouting. I guess daddy doesn't do mornings as good as mommy.

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