My Family

My Family

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ants and dirt...

So for whatever reason, my child is scared of ants and dirt all of a sudden. She loves to play outside, and will play in the dirt, and asks to hold worms. But if she sees an ant in her bathtub, she freaks out! (On a side note, I'm trying to figure out where the little things are sneaking in at.)

It's the same with dirt. Since my husband has broken his ankle (which is getting better), he takes a bath in her bathtub, since we only have a shower in our room. The next day when he bathes her, if there is dirt in the tub that sneaks around her, she screams and claws her way out of the tub. It is very stressful. I've told him to rinse the tub after he finishes and agin before her bath. It helps. But kids have dirt on them... If she bathes with me, it's not as bad. So we will try that for a while.

On a side note, here are some recipes I've tried lately:

For breakfast today, we had these breakfast ham cups. Talk about good!! I served them with cheese grits. Yes the instant kind. It's what we have. I really enjoyed them and the recipe is so simple. I didn't put onions in ours because I'm not big on onions in my breakfast. Also served with a cup of Community Coffee, because there is nothing better! ;)

For lunch, I made these Southwestern Chicken Crispy Rolls. I had done chicken tacos the other night, and used a cup of this with the recipe.

For dinner, we had shrimp and steal kabobs. I made this spicy and sweet maranade for the shrimp. We also had roasted asparagus and baked sweet potatoes.

For dessert, since it was Shawn's birthday, I made this cheesecake. It stayed in the fridge overnight. Soo good!

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