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My Family

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Leviticus 24 & 25

S: Leviticus 24:8 Regularly on each Sabbath day the bread shall be set
out before the LORD on behalf of the Israelites by an everlasting

O/A: God commanded on the Sabbath day that we should rest and the
bread should be presented before the Lord as a covenant. Today, every
Sunday, we in the Catholic church set the Eucharist out before the
Lord as we partake in communion, which is our new covenant with God.
He gave us his son, who died for us, and we will forever share in the
covenant with the Eucharist.

It again is amazing how God is foretelling in the Old Testament though
it is not plainly seen.

S: Leviticus 25:23-25 And if you say, “What shall we eat in the
seventh year, if we do not sow or reap our crop?” I will command such
a blessing for you in the sixth year that there will be crop enough
for three years, and when you sow in the eighth year, you will still
be eating from the old crop; even into the ninth year, until the crop
comes in, you will still be eating from the old crop.

O: God will provide. Have no fear, because he will provide for his people.

A: How many times have I questioned God in my life in fear of
something bad happening? How many times have I been just like the
Israelites and fearful of not being taken care of? Instead of just
knowing that God will provide. We do not always know the way, but we
should just know that He will. It is hardest to see this in darkest
times, but our faith in God should prevail and pull us out. No matter
the outcome of a situation, God will provide.

K: Lord, thank you for continuously providing for us. Though we may
not see it, and do not always believe, you are there next to us,
guiding us through life. I pray for a stronger heart and soul so that
I just know you are there. Amen.

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