My Family

My Family

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Date night followed by a busy day

So last night, my husband and I had a date night (something we haven't had in a while), since Jeanne is at mom's for the week. We ate at Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro on the Boardwalk. It was so good! We started with the crab and crawfish bake for an appetizer (along with a chocolatini for me). For the main course, I enjoyed the ahi tuna steak with garlic potatoes and steamed spinach. It was wonderful!! Shawn had the mahi mahi tuna with garlic potatoes and succotash. For dessert, I had the death by chocolate cheesecake (I had a free cheesecake coupon from my birthday) and Shawn had the strawberry topped cheesecake. We very much enjoyed the evening, though it was rather quiet once we got back home. I miss my little girl, but I get regular updates of how much fun she is having at Noni and Pop's.

Today I got to begin training two inspectors for our Title V air inspections. We inspected an oil and gas facility. I am training two because we are fixing to loose the other air inspector,  and I may be leaving Shreveport come June, so we need to have competent inspectors before then. It was an easy inspection since the facility was one of the smaller ones. My coworkers did fine on their first inspection. They will continue to tag along for a few months before they actually conduct the inspection on their own. I know they will do great!

I hate the thought of the possibility of us leaving in June. Shawn will find out where his residency is in March, and then will begin July 1. We will not know exactly where we are going until March. The only input he really has is that he will get interviewed by places he potentially want to go, then he will rank his top 10. That data goes into a computer, and the schools he interviewed at will rank their interviewees. Whatever matches best will be where we go. I love the possibility of a new adventure, but I don't want to leave my friends that I have become close to here. We already lost some really close friends this passed June as they were a year ahead of Shawn. We always have phone calls and facebook, and the occassional drive to the other's house. But in all honesty, I know it will become further and further apart as people grow and move on. It is so hard that one of my best friends, the person who shared a first pregancy with me, and we watched our little girls first year together, had to move away. I have already gotten close to my female coworkers. They have become my friends. I don't want to leave them and feel all this again next year... But I have already told my husband wherever he needs to go for his residency is where the baby and I will be. And heart ache or not, I will be with my husband next year.

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  1. I can feel your apprehension, too! I just moved to a new town where I barely know anyone. Wherever we go, though, there will be a Catholic church and - with hope - some sort of community group there that allows us to meet and befriend others. I think you're very brave! We don't have a choice about supporting our spouses, of course, but that doesn't make us any less brave...