My Family

My Family

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Emergency response weekends

So with my job in DEQ surveillance, we help with emergency response incidents, which include overturned tankers, gas well blowouts, chemical spills, etc. This also requires us to be on the weekend rotation. It's not so bad since it's once every 6 weeks and we know ahead when our weekend is. The hard part for me is being anxious about getting a call in the night.

So last night I got to bed early intending on going to sleep early in case I got a call. Well early sleep didn't happen bc I got caught up in the book I'm reading, Explanations of Catholic Morals (this book is deep, but that's another blog post). I lucked out in that I didn't get called out during the night. I got a call at 7:10 this morning though. At 10:50 I'm still onsite, awaiting the trailer to be unloaded and the totes to be transferred. Seems like I am the only one who has a fast button here...

I haven't got to see Jeanne yet. Left before she was awake. I did try to talk to her on the phone this morning. I don't think she was happy that I was on the phone and not there. Did I mention I'm not the biggest fan of leaving her? Just another day in the life of a working mother.

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  1. You sound like a tough lady! I really like that you're an example of Catholic femininity - a gentle wife and mother - who also has a vocation to work in a field where you're very strong.