My Family

My Family

Friday, August 12, 2011

Little feet, little voices

I am so ready for tomorrow. I will be meeting my mom in Alexandria so I can pick up my little girl. She stay at her Noni and Pop's this week, as my dad was in from work overseas and my sister hadn't started her new semester yet. I have received daily emails of all she is doing, along with pictures and videos. I am so ready to see her "happy feet" and hear her jibber jabber language. When it is quiet at the house, I hear her laughter and her little feet running down the hall.

As happy as I am to have her back because of all this, I know it will be that much harder for my mom to have Jeanne leave. She has gotten used to the little voices and the little feet. It is sad that we live 4 hours away and can't visit more often. This is how it has to be with Shawn in school. And it may be further next year. Time will tell.

I need to run to a doctor's appointment.

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