My Family

My Family

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Love of a Child

It's been a while since I've posted. I had a busy week. Two coworkers left this week. I moved into one of their offices. It's much bigger! I feel so small in it though, like I have big shoes to fill.

My little love bug has become so much more loving, and very often wants to share her love. She enjoys giving hugs and kisses. She will walk up to us and throw her arms out for hugs. Of course her kisses for her daddy or more like head butts. Hehe

She dances and sways and shakes her booty more when she hears music. She cut up so much with Clive tonight, taking his bone and running, then giggling when he'd find her.

Shawn bathes her and I give her milk, then put her to bed. Watching her while she drank her sippy cup, her little eyes trying to stay open to look at me, her little hand holding my shirt. When I kissed her forehead, I had a sensation come over me. Kissing a small child, a gift from God, made me feel so much closer to Him. I said our prayers (bc Jeanne can't yet), and put Jeanne to bed. I hate the feeling when my arms let go in that first instant. If I could, I would hold her in my arms all night. I'm taken aback at the beauty of a child dreaming, maybe of her angels. Again, it makes me feel closer to God. So I will end this blog by thanking Him again for what He has blessed me with.

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