My Family

My Family

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Family Tree

So, when I was pregnant with Jeanne, I got a 'wild hair' as my mom calls it, and decided to go to to research my geneology. I worked on it a good while towards the end of my pregnancy, as I had already finished most of my inspections for work. Recently I have gotten back online to look at it again and have found several other families with the same tree 'branches' that include us. So with their data, I can see how BIG our tree is. I can date my family back to 1550's in France. It gives me a pretty neat feeling to see that. I wish I could post the link so everyone can see, but the site is out to make money.  If you really wanted to see it, you can send me your email and I can invite you for free to my personal page to see it.

I don't have very much information on Shawn's family yet. I am trying to gather it, but his family is slow at responding to me. Shawn didn't meet his grandfathers (they passed away before he was born) so he couldn't help with their families. Granny is 100 and not doing well, so I want to try to get any information I can before she decides it is time to go home.

The website is a great way to search for deceased ancestors. They do not publicly show living relatives in searches, unless it is in a census report, and those are hard to find for the living. I will work on mine as much as I can in the next few weeks and then export all the information to a file and cancel my subscription. That way I can just edit the file and maybe later redo the subscription just to update the online file.

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