My Family

My Family

Friday, April 24, 2015

Leviticus 5

Today's chapter continues with offerings, this time for guilt. The inccured guilt would be from not knowingly committing a sin and then realizing it later. The Israelites are still new believers, so it seems that God is giving them leeway for when they accidentally commit a sin. I haven't seen anything yet for when someone purposefully commits a sin. That person may be turned away from the camp. 

Regardless, this is showing God's love for his people. That even when they accidentally mess up, he offers them grace. God still does this today. Sometimes it is hard for people to understand His ability to forgive, and think "I've done this. How could God forgive me?" But he does. 

Lord, I thank you for your love and grace, that you continuously offer it even though we may stumble and fall. Please continue to help me grow so I may see the mistakes before I make them. Amen. 

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