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My Family

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Leviticus 8

This chapter is on the ordination ceremony for Aaron and his sons as priests. I don't have a specific verse to SOAK. What I took in after rereading the chapter was at the end of the first 4 paragraphs in my Bible is the sentence "as the Lord had commanded him to do." This is also in the next 2 paragraphs, 8:29b "All this was in keeping with the Lord's command to Moses," and 8:36 "So Aaron and his sons did all that the Lord had commanded through Moses."

God spoke and Moses obeyed. Unlike in Exodus, where Moses needed a little prodding when God commanded him to do something, here Moses obeyed instantly. Perhaps the mighty power of God freeing the Israelites and bringing them out of Egypt showed Moses God meant business. 

What will it take for me to completely and instantly obey God's command? I have seen his power in the Bible and through the the death and resurrection of his son. But still I need prodding in some instances when I hear him calling me. 

Lord, please don't give up on me. I want to obey you in an instant, but I still need pushing and I don't know why. Help me release whatever is holding me back so I can answer right away. Amen. 

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