My Family

My Family

Monday, November 5, 2012

Thankful Day 5

Today was a good day. Beautiful crisp air outside. And the leaves are changing color! It's like I went away for a weekend, came back and BAM! I do so much love the Fall season. Oh yea, I got put in time out by my 2 year old this morning. Yep, I am in trouble. :-)

Today I am thankful for my father's job. I know it may be silly to read, but my family depended on my father's job to live. There have been times when my mom and dad worried about the company merging and him losing his position. We are thankful every day for what my dad was able to provide us with. I hope to not sound arrogant when I say this, but we would have not been able to enjoy many of our vacations, fun times, birthdays, and holidays if not for his job. Sure, it was not easy having him away every other month. But we learned to live with it. Because of his job, mom and dad were able to afford their new mortgage on the new house after Hurricane Rita destroyed our old one. So thank you, Exxon Mobil, for giving my dad the job way back when, trusting in his knowledge to keep him on, and helping him provide for our family all these years.

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