My Family

My Family

Friday, November 9, 2012

Thankful Day 8

I am going to get it together. Eventually. I say that and realize that I haven't been posting my Bible Studies as I wanted to. I'll get back to those soon. Thankful day 8: I am thankful for music. Where did I pull that from? Music has always been a big part of my life. I learned to play the piano when I was young. I can remember going to the football games and watching the band. I was so impressed by their performance. I knew from early on I was gonna be in the band, and I would one day be drum major. And I achieved that. But this is more than just high school band. Music can reach the soul. Tell me you have never heard a song that made you stop in your tracks. A song that chilled you to the bone, or brought you joy from a memory it brought up. Whether you listen to country, classical, Christian, jazz, or anything else, music has a way or making the day a little bit easier at times.

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