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My Family

Friday, December 5, 2014

Psalm 12

Psalm 12 speaks of God cutting off all deceitful tongues, especially of those who are boastful and say 'no one can lord over us.' While I agree that the boastful tongue is evil, I wonder how many times our words are taken the wrong way by others and we are made to look boastful as Christaians. Or even just w put anything we have said. Or how many times have we taken what someone else said, without further explainaniton, and ran with it making false accusations. 

I recently came across an article about Joel Olsteen's wife and some things she said at a sermon at her church. When I first heard the video, I was appalled. What right does she think she has to say we need to enjoy ourselves, and God will be happy with that? It wasn't until later articles came out where she better explained what she meant that I understood her message. I'm not a follower of Joel Olsteen, but when you are a highly respected religious person on tv, it is a lot easier to be taken out of context. 

So next time we rush to judgement over what someone said, maybe we should take a second and do a little more research before we throw the spikes at them. 

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