My Family

My Family

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Psalm 21

Psalm 21 offers thanks to God for having stood by the king. Verse 8 says "For the king trusts in the Lord, stands firm through the love of the Most High."

Another reason to give thanks this season, and one we must remember and continue to teach, is thanking God for the birth of Jesus. For many families, holidays can bring a bit of sadness if family members are no longer with us. I have a coworker who lost her husband to cancer the day before Thanksgivng this year, so this will be her first Christmas without him. He was a man who knew God, who trusted in God's will. So we know he is with God now, and that is only possible because of Jesus. So even though we may be saddened by our losses, we must also celebrate the goodness of Jesus's birth (and death) brings to us: we get to spend eternity with God! 

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