My Family

My Family

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Psalm 15

Psalm 15 shows us who will not be allowed in God's tent. It shows us how we should act: speak truth, do not slander, do no harm, keep your promises, don't make money off of someone's unfortune. Some of these are similar to our commandments from God. 

There are several ways in the bible it is written how we should act, yet there are so many people who continue to stumble. I am one of those people. As I have been taught, however, we are human and sin is too easy. Being righteous for God take work, and thank goodness for forgiveness and grace. It's so easy to fall into pits with people you are around daily. We, I, need to consciously work on doing these acts daily. Otherwise, how am I to lead others to God if I can not show it through my own actions.

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