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My Family

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Exodus 23

S: Exodus 23:4-5 When you come upon your enemy's ox or ass going astray, see that it is returned to him. When you notice the ass of one who hates you lying prostrate under its burden, by no means dessert it; help him, rather, to raise it up. 

O: God was specific in the social laws of those doing wrong being punished. In this verse he wanted his people to also have a compassionate side to help our enemies when it is needed. 

A: a lot of times in today's society, it's a dog eat dog world, and if we saw someone (especially our enemy) stranded and needing help, people would continue on the way without a second thought. But the best way to show God's love is to love our enemies. This can be a hard bit to swallow. 

K: Lord, help me to see my enemies in times of their need. Open my heart to them so I may show your love.


Also in this chapter, God talks again about rest. He says to sow the land for six years, but let it rest on the seventh year. He also mentions again about resting on the seventh day of each week. I do not rest nearly enough. My rest constitutes of me watching 30 minutes of TV after the kids going to bed before falling asleep myself. I do crochet, but I am usually to third during the week to get much of the project done. So I try to work on it while the kids are napping on the weekend (of course after I take a quick nap). But every other weekend now I am working 8 hours at work to build up time for maternity leave. We have 12 weeks granted through FMLA, but it is unpaid. And I need to have at least 20 hours paid each week to cover insurance,taxes, and medical benefit plans. Yay for working for the state in one of the greatest countries, which does not offer paid maternity leave. :) At least I have a job. 

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