My Family

My Family

Friday, February 27, 2015

Exodus 40

We have reached the end of another book in the bible and it's pretty amazing. This chapter ends with a God making himself present in the dwelling. He could be seen as a cloud during the day and fire at night. 

I couldn't imagine how the Israelites felt when the dwelling was finished and they could witness what ws accomplished.  And to be able to see the glory of God! I wonder how long it took to make the whole thing. 

I cannot say that I am aware of how God is leading me in my life. And it could be because a I do not look hard enough at times to find him. We have had many possible futures presented to us as my husband finishes his residency. I am not sure where we will move, but we still have two years before that happens. I pray about it and will pray more about it when the opportunities come to a crossroad. But for now, I am hoping that the way I am leading my family by working to help provide income while he finishes his program is what God intended being that he blessed us with soon to be three children. I can only hope. 

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