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My Family

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Exodus 39

KThis chapter talks of how the men and women made the vestments for Aaron as God instructed. I wanted a visual of what it would look like, and I found this site which talks on the instructions of the temple

This is a picture from th site of Aaron's vestments

Catholic priests have difference color vestments for different seasons. Here is a site with a calendar view of which color is worn when and for what reasons:

White: innocence, light, purity, joy, triumph
Season of Christmas, Easter, Feasts of The Lord, Feasts of Mary, All Saints Day, Feast of Apostles, Nuptial Masses

Red: the Passion, blood, fire, God's love, martyrdom
Feasts of the Lord's Passion, Blood, and Cross, Feasts of martyrs, Palm Sunday, Pentecost

Green: the Holy Ghost, life eternal, hope
Time after Epiphany, Time after Pentecost

Violet: penance, humility, melancholy
Advent, Lent, Good Friday

Black: mourning, sorrow
All Souls Day, Masses for the Dead

Rose: joy
Third Sunday of Advent, Fourth Sunday of Lent

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