My Family

My Family

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Exodus 33

It feels like I have been gone forever, and I am sorry for that. 

Exodus 33:4 When the people heard this bad news, they went into mourning, and no one worn his ornaments.

The Israelites went against God when they made the golden calf as they thought Moses wouldn't return. It took just a few bad apples to bring down the nation. God wanted to destroy the entire nation, but Moses convinced him not to. Then when Moses went down with the tablets,he saw for himself what the people, and his own brother, had done and he became furious. He then allowed those who still wanted to be with God to destroy the others.

God then decided he no longer wanted to travel among the people, because his anger might examinate the people. His not wanting to be with them is what caused them to go into mourning. My question is, did they not know they had to face consequences of their actions? 

It was God's grace that allowed them to live. It is by God's grace we get to continue living each and every day. Anytime we confess our sins we are calling upon God's grace. 

Lord, thank you for continuing to allow us to live on earth, though we are all sinners. Thank you for giving us grace and forgiving our transgressions. Amen. 

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