My Family

My Family

Monday, February 2, 2015

Exodus 21

Good morning and Happy February! We have complete another month of bible reading and I couldn't be more excited about it! In today's chapter, God is continuing on his laws for the Israelites to follow. First he goes over slaves as property, and even a master selling his daughter as property. In our culture today, this not does exist so it is hard for me to imagine it. Thn God goes on to talk about punishment for personal injury. Here God says people should be put to death for certain reasons. God was very serious about respect towards ones father and mother. Being put to death for striking or cursing ones mother and father is far fetched today, but we don't carry the same respect towards our parents that the Israelites were expectd to. I do think that is a shame. Kids have less and less respect for their parents, themselves, others, and other people's property today because they aren't taught to and aren't held to higher standards. I could spend all day on that soapbox, but I'll save you from it. 

As far as being put to death for malicious murder, this is still a possibility in some states here today, and in other countries. Of course here, it usually takes 15-20 years of the person in jail before that day comes, along with several continuations because the lawyer is trying to get the person off. An eye for an eye comes into play if a person hurts a pregnant woman and causes her to miscarry as well as injury. I don't you could cause enough pain or suffering to someone for them to adequately understand the pain of a miscarriage. You can't really rip a man's womb out. Again, there are still punishments today for someone causing a woman to miscarry in an injury. This conversation topic could lead to more soapboxes for me but I'll save that for another time. I need to go make breakfast. I hear little ones stirring. Have a great day!

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