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My Family

Friday, January 30, 2015

Exodus 20

Exodus 20 brings about the Ten Commandments. I know I had to have learned the before 5th grade in school. We used to have religion during school growing up, but it stopped after 5th grade because of the whole church separate from state thing. After that, we only had a region class on weekends once we got to highschool. I never memorized them, though I feel I should have. I could probably stumble my way through them if someone asked me. 

I'm pretty sure I have heard homilies in Mass on all of the commandments at one time or another. I think the hardest to obey would be to not bear false witness. We gossip so easily these days, sometimes before we even realize it. I would say that none of them are least difficult to follow/understand. It takes daily work to follow God and to remember his commandments. It takes practice to follow them. 

The commandments have set a precedence in our man made laws we follow. It is illegal to kill and steal. Growing up, lots of stores were closed on Sunday (though we already discussed that was not the intended Sabbath day) because people were going to church. You can get in trouble for saying false things about people. 

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