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My Family

Monday, January 19, 2015

Exodus 11

Good morning! I must say it is so nice to be able to put a picture to a face now. Thank you all for sharing.

S: Exodus 11:5 Every first born in this land shall die. From the first born of Pharaoh on the throne to the first born of the slave girl at the handmill, as well as all th first born of the animals. 

O: There are no more warnings for Egypt. God means business now, and will show his great opener by taking the lives of all the first born children of Egypt. In Genesis, God asked Abraham to sacrifice his own first born Issac to show God his love. Later on, God sacrifices his son Jesus to show us how much he loves us. But here, this is no sacrifice. God is punishing the Egyptians to show them he is ruler and to show his people his true might. Of course as we continue to read in a few chapters, they easily forget...

A: just like the Israelites, we easily forget God's abilities and power. We did not get to see them first hand like they did, but we know what he can do and we still choose to ignore or "forget" until we need something. 

K: God, help me keep you at the forefront of my life, that everything I do is for you and not me. Help me not to easily forget. Amen.

Discussion: this may sound cheesy, but I can see God pursing me daily through my kids. I see their eyes watching me, learning, copying what I do. These are gentle reminders that I need to focus my life on God and show my children how I follow God, so that they can too. The copycat children reminders strike me well when they repeat a not so nice thing I have said, give the same mean look, or put their hands on their hips. God has a funny way of showing us parents that we need to stop rushing and focus on our children before they are too old to want to be focused on. 

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