My Family

My Family

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Exodus 12

Wow. Exodus chapter 12 has such a dark, ominous tone. God instructed every family to procure a lamb, to shed its blood, and not break any of its bones. These lambs were a "prophetic type of Christ, immolated to free men from the bondage of sin" according to the footnotes in my bible. 

There wasn't a single verse to SOAK on because the entire passage was so full of imagery to me. I have lays loved reading books that I could sink into and see myself in the scenery. This chapter did the same. I could see myself there, watching the hysteria of the Eqyptians waking up to find dead children, hearing their cries. I could see the Isrealites leaving th city with all their belongings. 

As far as the discussion question today, over the last year or so, whenever money was really tight and we were starting to worry, God provided. Something always happened and a check was in the mail. Whether it was a refund from overpaid medical bills, or an inheritance (from my father in law passed), the unexpected money was definitely a gift from God. 

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