My Family

My Family

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Exodus 4

Good morning. How cold is it where y'all are? It was 10 when I woke up at 4 with a windchill of 1. I know it's colder where some of you are, so I'm not complaining. Yet. :) We are not used to cold temperatures like this being from south Louisiana. 

S: Exodus 4:11 Who gives one man speech and makes another dumb? Or who gives sight to one and makes another blind? Is it not I the Lord?

O: Moses had pleaded again with God, making the excuse that he was not good at speaking, out of fear of facing Pharaoh. God quickly reminds him it is God who allows us to speak or see.

A: My mother told us quite often growing up to be grateful for what God has given us, and this included the ability to walk, talk, and see. It isn't usually until you are around someone who cannot do one of those that you realize how blessed you are. That's not to say that other person isn't blessed in some other way. We are all given specific gifts and talents for God's purpose. Let us not forget our blessings. 

K: Lord, I am grateful for all that you have bestowed on my family and myself. Thank you for my talents and abilities and let me use them according to your will. Amen. 

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