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My Family

Friday, January 30, 2015

Exodus 19

Sorry I didn't post this yesteryear. I sent it through my bible study group, but got hungry for French a toast and just forgot. 

In Chapter 19, God tells Moses that the people must wash and sanctify themselves before they see God. How would this work today? This is a good question to think about. We have so much more things that keep our minds busy today compared to Moses's time. So there would be a lot more things to break from before we met The Lord. He would want us to meet him with clear minds and not have anything else on out hearts.

So I would think no TV for a few days so we wouldn't have news reports, TV, commercials, etc stuck in our thoughts. Also we would need to put our phones, computers, iPads, etc down for a few days prior to completely give ourselves to him. 

Think about it, in the middle of a church service, you see people check their phones, answer a text, turn off an alarm, set an alarm, make a grocery list, or something else. People may start thinking about what they are doing after church, what's for lunch/dinner, what they saw on Facebook, what they saw on TV... All these things are stopping us from completely focusing on The Lord when it is his time at church. We allow our minds to become preoccupied with the world. So before we would meet him, I feel we would need to get away from all these things to cleanse our minds and spirits. Of course, we should be doing this every week before we go to church, because I was taught we are going to meet with God every time we go to Mass. I for one am guilty of being a mind drifter. I know I need to work on it. 

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