My Family

My Family

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Exodus 7-8

I overslept yesterday, which to me is pretty lousy but it happens. It made me miss bible study and my coffee before my kids woke up. Double lousy. Anywho, what I took from chapter 7 is that it was Aaron's staff that actually did the work of God, not Moses's staff. I didn't realize that before. I remember Moses asking God for help speaking, I just maybe forgot about Aaron helping with the actual tasks.

In Exodus 8, God used frogs, gnats and flies to implore Pharaoh to let the Israelites go, and still Pharaoh did not listen. I know I very much dislike walking into a swarm of gnats. I couldn't imagine them filling my house. Blech. At first God did not use big destructive forces to show his power. Rather he used small creatures. I feel when God is trying to get our attention, he often starts with small things he shows us in our hearts. Like a child who drops one cheerio at a time onto the floor to get attention before dropping the entire bowl,  God often plants small seeds in our hearts first. If we continue to ignore or refute him, it could possibly turn into something bigger to get our attention.

One of the areas of my life that seems small that I should turn back over to God is our financial situation. We are certainly not struggling, but I know with a third baby on the way, things will be a lot tighter. Instead of trying to handle it all on my own, I need to turn it back to God and let him show me the way. I will pray for this today. 

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