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My Family

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Exodus 9

Good morning! I think today's discussion question is similar to yesterday, at least my answer is anyway. One of the areas I need to let go and give to God is our financial situation. It is definitely out of pride. For such a long time, I prided myself with how well I managed our accounts. They are wrill fine, but I let the fear creep in about possible emergencies and what ifs after the baby is born. I need to remember fear is the work of the devil and God will provide if I give it over to him.  

S: Exodus 9:16 But this is why I have spared you: to show you my power and to make my name resound throughout the earth.

O/A: there are so many disasters that happen all over the world, and I know people who have survived some that end up saying, "Why did God let me survive and op not so-and -so." Maybe this verse is the answer. Maybe God needed that person to see his power of what he can do through other's help. It sent "their time" because God had bigger plans for them. Of course in this passage it wasn't the Eqyptians time yet because they hadn't fully seen the power of God, and how it could turn someone's heart. And I think these plagues were just as much for the Israelites to see and remember God's power as it was for the Egyptians. 

This is what popped in y head as I was writing my thoughts this morning:
Blessings-Laura Story

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