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My Family

Friday, January 23, 2015

Exodus 15

S: Exodus 15:22 ...After traveling for three days through the dessert without finding water, they arrived at Marah, where they could not drink the water, because it was too bittter.

O: this is the first bump in the road the Isreailtes come upon after crossing the Red Ses. And at first sign of trouble, the grumbling begins. Later it reads that the Lord tells them if they listen to the voice of God, and heed the commandments, He would not afflict them with the diseases he did the Eqyptians. For the Lord is their healer.

A: Is it human nature that at the first sign of trouble, everyone rebels against the leader? Maybe if the people had prayed directly to God, they would have had water earlier. Who knows. But when we come up against roadblocks in life, God wants us to call on him, to keep him at the forefront of our mind, to heed his commandments. 

K: Dear Lord, I pray that I look for you first when I come to a roadblock,instead of trying to set blame. You may have intentionally put the roadblock so I would seek you out. I pray I remember to look for you. Amen.

A song that came to mind as I was reading today's songs by the Israelites was Sing a New Song. It's a song we sing at church. Here is a YouTube video from someone's church

And here are the lyrics

The second verse sings how Yaweh's people dance for joy with glad tambourines. 

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