My Family

My Family

Monday, November 3, 2014

Genesis 37

We have all had moments (those of us with siblings) in which we wanted to sell them, or lose them, or send them back. But Joseph's brothers actually wanted to kill them. All except Reuben who tried to help Joseph, plotted to kill Joseph because they were jealous of them. Instead, they sold him while he was in a cistern. As their father mourned, did his brothers feel regret? I believe Reuben did, even though he was not part of the act, because he knew what had been plotted. Why didn't he say anything to his father though? Was he scared his brothers would rebel against him, the oldest brother? 

I couldn't imagine losing a child, whether through death or kidnapping. I've watched many families suffer greatly with both. And here, to have had your own children sell your son because they were jealous is wild. 

Lord, please keep our children under your protection. Amen.

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