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My Family

Friday, November 7, 2014

Genesis 40- dreams interpreted

In this chapter, Joseph is still in jail when the royals cup bear and baker end up there. They both have strange dreams on the same night, and Joseph interprets them through God. The dreams are very different and have very different consequences for the two men. 

We all have strange dreams sometimes. I know I have had several moments in life where I have a déjà Vu moment where I know I have been through the situation before, and then I realized I dreamed it. I just didn't remember the dream until it happened. I don't know if I would want someone to interpret my dreams. There are the people who you pay money to who can tell you what your dreams mean, but I mean I don't know if I would want someone who could interpret them through God. Fearful maybe? I like going on through ice without knowing when the happy or sad times are coming. That wy I can't prevent a lesson that needs to be learned. Of course, there is nothing to be prevented for the cup bearer and baker. Their fate was sealed when they were put in jail. 

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