My Family

My Family

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Genesis 38

This chapter shows the Lord's anger again as he took the life of two of Judah's sons because they disrespected him. It doesn't say exactly what the first son did, but the second son "spilled his seed" instead of fulfilling his duty. I can understand why he didn't want to have children with his brother's wife, as they wouldn't be considered his, but if in that time that was their job, he failed to do it. I think it is mentioned another time in the bible about the man spilling their seed and disrespectful that is. God meant for husband and wife to have children, and by Onan's actions, a child wouldn't be made. There is a whole soap box that could go on and on with this topic, but I'll just stop with the fact that God took theses men's lives because they didn't obey Him.

Lord, I am grateful that I am still here on earth because I have not always obeyed you. There is a greater purpose for me here and I hope I can live up to your expectations. Amen. 

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